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Dairy Additives
Food Additives Used in Dairy Milk Products

Dairy system is a complex colloidal dispersion system, the dispersion medium is water, and the dispersions are lactose, inorganic salts, protein, fat, gas, etc. It is an unstable system. Dairy products are both highly nutritious and highly unstable substances that are prone to spoilage. emulsifier in dairy milk and preservatives used in milk are important for dairy processing.

Preservatives & Emulsifier Used in Processed Milk Products, Diary, Cheese

Currently, in food ingredient China, milk additives and dairy additives are used in the following nine categories of dairy products: milk powder, liquid milk, yogurt(yogurt additives), dairy beverages, cheese(cheese dietary fiber and cottage cheese fiber), ice cream, cream and condensed milk.

ACE Ingredients Emulsifier in Milk and Functions

The development of the emulsifier in milk industry provide convenient conditions for developing a variety of ice cream products. Emulsifying agent in milk improve the expansion rate of the product, anti-melt, conformability. Due to the natural emulsifier in milk, the fat particles are fine and evenly distributed, which improves the stability of the emulsion and controls the production of coarse ice crystals, thus making the product taste more delicate and richer varieties.

Emulsifier for milk, and thickeners in food additives can stabilize the physical properties of food, emulsifier of milk promote the dissolution of oil and water, natural emulsifier in milk penetrate into the interior of the starch structure, emulsifier in milk promote internal cross-linking, prevent starch aging, improve food quality, extend food shelf life, improve food flavor. Food additives used in milk products increase economic benefits.

ACE Ingredients Preservatives in Milk and Functions

Preservatives used in milk products can prevent or delay dairy food spoilage are essentially a class of compounds that have the ability to inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms or kill them. Choose ACE Ingredients types of food preservatives used in milk products.

Preservatives used in milk products is to inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in order to prolong the shelf life of food and to inhibit the spoilage of substances. Preservatives used in milk can inhibit the activities of microorganisms and prevent food spoilage, thus extending the shelf life of food. 

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