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Dry Fermented Sausages

Sausage Coloring

Dry Fermented Sausages


  • Natural extracts with coloring effect, clean labeling (E numbers free)

  • Fully soluble in water and salt resistant

  • High stability in a wide range of pH

  • Does not color the fat and does not leave any stripes

  • Can be used in all kinds of meat applications: pork, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, etc

  • Sensitive to prolonged heat treatment at high temperatures

Thickening and Gelling Agents for Food

  • High gelling properties and functional improvement of many cheap meat by-products which can be transformed into good quality raw materials

  • Gelling agents in food are very strong and white thermo-stable fat and oil emulsions (even sterilization)

  • Cost-effective, especially against emulsions made with ISP and/or caseinate

  • No off-taste

  • No allergen

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