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Vegan Cutlets

Vegan Food Additives In Vegan Cutlets

Vegan Cutlets

Aceprot Veg For Plant-based Proteins

  • Effective jelling, emulsifying and texturizing properties

  • Significantly improves texture, juiciness and bouncy of the final products

  • Forms very firm and stable products when applied together with Transglutaminase

TG Prolink B

  • Allows to enhance the functionality of the alternative proteins used to replace milk proteins

  • Improves viscosity, body and creaminess, better mouthfeel

  • Improves water retention and reduce syneresis

  • Allows clean labeling (E-numbers free) by getting rid of hydrocolloids (e.g., carrageenan, pectin, modified starches, gelatins)

  • Reduces costs

  • Easy to use and dosage effective

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