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Meat Additives
Preservatives & Additives Used in Meat and Poultry

Preservatives, spices and moisture retention agents are commonly meat additives to improve the color, flavor and taste of meat products. Meat preservatives and meat flavor enhancers are very important to the quality of meat products. 

Meat products are typically high-protein, high-fat food, natural meat preservatives extend the shelf life of the product and prevent spoilage. Meat preservation chemicals are not only an important role of additives but also to inhibit possible botulism, etc. Available flavor can increase the aroma and flavor, there is liquid (and divided into two categories of water and oil), paste and powder, etc. There are also some special flavor enhancers, such as yeast extract, smoky agents, etc.

Preservatives & Additives for Processed Meats

Although the raw materials of meat products are simple, the food ingredient China's processing methods are different and the processing techniques are various, so there are many kinds of meat products. Meat products are divided into cured meat products, marinated meat products, smoked(bacon additives) and baked meat products, dry meat products, fried meat products, sausage products(sausage additives and fibre in sausages), ham meat products(ham additives such as ham preservatives), seasoned meat products, other types of meat products. Food additives used in meat products are important to the quality of the product.

ACE Ingredients Meats Preservatives & Additives FAQs

What is the difference between a preservative and an additive?

A :

Meat additive including preservatives for meat and other types. According to different types of meat additives, they improve the quality of food, Food additives used in various processed meat improve processing conditions, prevent food spoilage, and natural shelf life extenders of food has an extremely important role.

What is the difference between food additive and food ingredient?

A :

Food ingredients and food additives are mainly related to the sources, uses and functions of the two are similar, often used in conjunction with each other, and sometimes can be substituted for each other, and their effects may have a multiplying effect or cancel each other out.

What is meat color additives?

A :

Meat color additives is to improve the color of the product, according to its different coloring mechanisms can be divided into two categories of colorants, pigments.

Meat food coloring commonly used nitrite, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrate and other provisions of sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate cured meat products, marinated meat products, smoked, roasted, grilled meat, fried meat, Western ham, meat sausage, fermented meat products.

Additives used formeat coloring are called meat color additives, and their purpose is to increase the appetite for food and stimulate appetite. Meat color additives is divided into two categories according to the source: synthetic coloring and natural coloring.

What is meat flavor enhancers?

A :

Meat flavor enhancers can also be called flavor enhancers or flavor enhancers. Flavor enhancers are substances that supplement or enhance the original flavor of food. Some foods add flavor enhancers to present a fresh taste, increase appetite and enrich nutrition. Meat flavor enhancers do not affect the acid, sweet, bitter, salty and other four basic tastes and other tasting substances of taste stimulation, but to enhance their respective flavor characteristics, thereby improving the palatability of food.

In the prefabricated meat products and cooked meat products available flavors to increase the aroma and flavor, mainly a variety of Merad reaction products, there are liquid, paste and powder, etc. In addition, there are some special flavor enhancers, such as yeast extract, smokers, etc.

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