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Five Applications of Food Thickeners

Five Applications of Food Thickeners


1. The application of food thickener in meat products

Food thickeners can improve the taste of meat products, increase the adhesion and water retention of meat products, keep them soft and tender, and make them do not taste too woody. For example, add soy protein to ham products to improve its yield and give the product a good shape; Add gelatin to canned meat to improve the surface gloss and elasticity of the product; Xanthan gum can improve the tenderness, color and flavor of meat products such as square ham, luncheon meat and red sausage.

Five Applications of Food Thickeners

2. The application of food thickener in flour products

Thickener is a kind of common food additive in noodle products. It can improve the toughness and smoothness of noodles, reduce the cooking loss of noodles, increase the bite, improve the taste, and greatly improve the comprehensive quality of noodle products. In baked goods, thickeners can make bread more expansive, increase volume, texture, reduce the drop of crumbs when sliced, and can prevent aging, prolong shelf life.

Five Applications of Food Thickeners

3. The application of food thickener in jelly

In the production technology of jelly, food thickener is the key technology. It is the agent of jelly gelling . Although the amount of thickener added in jelly products is very low, it has a decisive effect on the shape of jelly, giving the jelly elasticity and plasticity. It will make the jelly elastic and crystal clear, with rich luster. The food may eat cool and refreshing.

Five Applications of Food Thickeners

4. The application of food thickener in drinks

In the beverage industry, the main role of thickeners is to improve the taste, flavor and stability of beverages. In the vegetable protein drink, the thickener can improve the stability of juice bean milk drink, which may taste fine and full, with rich aroma; In fruit and vegetable juice drinks, thickeners can make the product taste fresh with a bright color, retain the nutritional value of a variety of fruits and vegetables and health benefits; In pulp-type drinks and protein-containing milk drinks, food thickeners can enhance the suspension of active ingredients such as casein, enhance the viscosity of the drink, and make the drink taste more dense, but not sticky.

5. The application of food thickener in yogurt

The thickener can improve the consistency of yogurt, stabilize the properties of yogurt, prevent whey precipitation, and effectively improve the texture and taste of yogurt products. In addition to these, food thickeners can also be used in preservation, seasoning, canning, health care, candy and so on. For example, adding sodium alginate to health food can inhibit the increase of cholesterol, total fat and total fatty acid concentration in serum and liver. With AGAR, carrageenan, pectin and other gels to produce soft candy, the product not only has good elasticity, toughness, but also can be made into a variety of flavors; The thickener added to meat flavor has the function of thickening, as well as salt and temperature resistance.

Five Applications of Food Thickeners

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