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Food Additives for Vegetarians

Food Additives for Vegetarians


As a vegetarians need to have a sense of self-protection in addition to relying on national administrative departments to manage the chaos of illegal food additives. 

Some of the food additives in line with national regulations are derived from animals. If you are a strict vegetarian, if you are a religious person who loves people, or if you are an animal rights activist, you need to avoid foods with animal-derived additives. These animal-derived food additives are described below. Colorants are natural and synthetic. There are two kinds of natural colorants from insects, namely carmine red pigment and lac red pigment.

I. Carmine red pigment

It is extracted from cochineal red. After a day or so, most of the pigment can be extracted by grinding the dry body of cochineal red and soaking it in hot water at 60℃ to 70℃. After the second extraction, the extraction rate of almost 100% can be reached. The two filtrates were merged and concentrated under reduced pressure, and pigment was obtained. In recent years, synthetic carmine pigment has been successfully developed. However, it is not certain that all carmine pigment vegan additives on the market are synthetic. Carmine pigment can be used as colorants for wine, fruit pulp, cold drinks and other drinks, candy, pastry, meat, sausage and others, and it can be used in cosmetics.

Food Additives for Vegetarians

II. Lac red pigment

Shellac pigment is a pigment component in the original gum secreted by lac worms on their parasitic plants. Suitable for fruit and vegetable drinks, carbonated drinks, mixed wine, candy, jam and so on.

III. Chitin

Chitin additive is obtained by treating crab and shrimp shells with hydrochloric acid to remove calcium, and then using sodium hydroxide to remove protein. Chitin is a thickener, used in beer, vinegar, peanut butter, tahini, hydrogenated vegetable oil, ice cream, resinous powder, lactic acid bacteria beverage, jam, fruit juice, etc.

Food Additives for Vegetarians

IV. Natural Food colorinig - NatureAce

NaturAce is an innovative combination of vegetable and spice extracts with high coloring properties.

At Ace Ingredientsour wholesale food coloring product Naturace makes products bright with a nice shade, implying products' freshness and high-quality.

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