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Main Applications of Guar Gum in Food Industry

Main Applications of Guar Gum in Food Industry


Food Guar gum is extracted from the legume plant guar. Among all natural water-soluble polymers, guar gum has the largest molecular weight. The germ part of guar beans is mainly protein. The high viscosity of guar gum in water-based solutions is due to its high water force and unique intermolecular entanglement. Guar gum is recognized as one of natural thickeners in food additives.

I. Application of guar gum in noodles and instant noodles

Guar gum is one of the cheapest and widely used hydrophilic colloids in the world. In the production of vermicelli, guar gum can be said to be the most ideal binder. Adding 0.2% to 0.6% guar gum in the process of making noodles can make the surface of the noodles smooth, not easy to break, and increase the elasticity of the noodles. During the drying process of noodles, it can prevent sticking, reduce drying time, taste good, and make noodles resistant to cooking and continuous stripping. In the production of instant noodles, adding 0.3% to 0.5% guar gum, on the one hand, makes the dough flexible, and it is not easy to break when cutting into noodles, and it is not easy to burr when forming. On the other hand, it prevents the infiltration of cooking oil during frying, saves cooking oil, makes the noodles smooth and not greasy after processing, and increases the toughness of the noodles.

Main Applications of Guar Gum in Food Industry

II. Application of guar gum in meat products

Guar gum can reduce the bumping of meat and other accessories during the cooking process, control the viscosity of the liquid phase, and easily dump the contents after opening the can. In sausages and stuffed meat products, adding guar gum can quickly combine free moisture when making minced meat. Guar gum improves casing filling, eliminates the separation and migration of fat and free water during cooking, smoking and storage, and improves product firmness after cooling.

III. Application of guar gum in condiments

Basic properties of guar gum: High viscosity at low concentrations. In sauces and salad dressings, guar gum enhances the organoleptic qualities of texture and rheology in these products.

Main Applications of Guar Gum in Food Industry

IV. Application of guar gum in canned food

A feature of this type of product is that it contains as little fluid as possible. Guar gum is used to thicken the water in the product and coat the solid parts of the meat with a thick gravy. Special, slow-swelling guar gums are sometimes also used to limit viscosity during canning.

V. Application of guar gum in ice cream

Guar gum can be used alone or in combination with other water-soluble colloids, starch, locust bean gum and sodium alginate in ice cream, ice cream, ice belly, fruit jelly, milk yogurt, etc. It can make the coagulation and float stick together, inhibit the formation of ice crystals, ensure the smooth structure, make the finished product form a uniform floating liquid structure, play the role of thickening and emulsification, and improve the taste. At the same time, it can maintain freezer stability while freezing, preventing rapid thawing and extending the shelf life. The addition amount does not exceed 0.2%-0.5%. A small amount of guar gel does not appreciably affect the viscosity of this blend as it is made, but it imparts a slippery and waxy mouthfeel to the product. An additional benefit is that the product melts slowly and improves the product's resistance to thermal shocks. Ice cream stabilized with guar gel avoids the presence of particles due to ice crystal formation.

Main Applications of Guar Gum in Food Industry

VI. Application of guar gum in beverages

Guar gum is a colloidal polysaccharide bound by glycosidic bonds and is odorless. It can be dispersed in hot or cold water to form a viscous liquid for thickening and stabilizing beverages. In addition, it can prevent the product from delamination and precipitation, and make the product rich in a good smooth taste. The addition amount is 0.05%-0.5%.

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