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Food Additives on Meat

Food Additives on Meat


Nowadays, the people's living standards have improved, who not only require a good meal, but also want to eat healthily. It can be said that health has become a topic of great concern to the whole society. As more and more people like to buy food labeled "preservative-free" on the food packag. Is "preservative-free" food  necessarily safe? Is food labeled with preservatives necessarily harmful to health?

I. Why should natural preservatives for food be used in food?

In the general natural environment, food will lose its original nutritional value, tissue properties and color, aroma and taste due to the action of microorganisms, and become food that does not meet the health requirements. Natural preservatives for food are chemically synthesized substances or natural substances added to food for the purpose of food preservation and food processing, storage and transportation. It can prevent food spoilage caused by microorganisms, so that the food has a certain shelf life in the general natural environment. The use of food preservatives, in a broad sense, is to reduce and avoid human food poisoning. In a narrow sense, it is one of the effective measures to prevent microbial action and stop food spoilage.

Food Additives on Meat

According to source, there are two categories of chemical preservatives and natural preservatives. Chemical preservatives are further divided into organic preservatives and inorganic preservatives. The former mainly includes benzoic acid, sorbic acid, etc., while the latter mainly includes sulfites and nitrites, etc. Natural food preservatives are usually extracted from the metabolites of animals, plants and microorganisms, such as streptococcus lactis.

II. Clear regulations on the use of natural preservatives for food

As most of the preservatives currently used are synthetic chemical preservatives, the excessive use above standards can cause certain damage to the human body. Therefore, the state has strict regulations on the use of preservatives, and clearly states that its use should comply with the following standards.

(1) Reasonable use is not harmful to human health;

(2) Does not affect the digestive tract flora;

(3) It can be degraded to the normal composition of food in the digestive tract;

(4) Does not affect the use of drugs, especially antibiotics;

(5) Does not produce harmful components when heat treatment of food.

At present, many foods in the market are individually advertised as "preservative-free" as a selling point. This has to a certain extent mislead consumers and caused fear of food preservatives. The use of natural preservatives for food in accordance with national standards is a guarantee of food safety. 

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