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Thickener Can Play the Role of Thickening Without Worry

Thickener Can Play the Role of Thickening Without Worry


I. The essence of thickeners: most of them come from natural foods

According to the National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, there are about 30 kinds of thickeners in food additives, which can give food a sticky and suitable taste. The most common thickeners are modified starch and gum substances, such as sodium carboxymethyl starch, hydroxypropyl starch, guar gum, Xanthan gum, pectin, gelatin and so on.

Thickeners may sound mysterious, but many of their uses are inspired by our traditional techniques. An experienced cook, for example, can make a large pot of soup with just one egg. The secret is to thicken the soup. The broth of braised fish will freeze in the freezer. The substance that creates the freeze is called gelatin, also called collagen. Gelatin is also a common thickener.

That said, many food thickeners come from natural foods, such as sodium alginate, AGAR, etc. Thickeners are generally very safe, and they count as dietary fiber. Even in terms of the so-called synthetic chemical products, their safety is strictly tested before they can be served on the table.

II. Yogurt thickener: stable form will not be harmful

Regular yogurt drinkers know that normal yogurt is thinner and liquid, while greek yogurt is thicker. Is greek yogurt also added with thickener. Is it harmful?

Thickener Can Play the Role of Thickening Without Worry

At present, there is indeed the phenomenon of adding stabilizer and thickener to yogurt, such as the use TG Prolink D in yogurt, which can play the role of stabilizing the organizational state of the beverage, with the prevention of precipitation stratification, improvement of the taste and other characteristics.

TG Prolink D

  • Improves viscosity, body and creaminess, better mouthfeel

  • Improves water retention and reduce syneresis

  • Allows clean labeling (E-numbers free) by getting rid of hydrocolloids (e.g., carrageenan, pectin, modified starches, gelatins)

  • Reduces costs

  • Easy to use and dosage effective

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