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Is TG Enzyme Harmful to the Human Body?

Is TG Enzyme Harmful to the Human Body?


The origin of deep processing of modern meat products dates back to the first "Chundu" ham sausage in 1987, which has a history of 35 years. With the rapid development of the economy and the improvement of living standards, the meat product market continues to expand, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. While improving product quality, cost control also becomes particularly important. Meat processing often produces many scraps, such as minced meat and boneless meat. Meat recombination technology was born to utilize these scraps. When carefully reviewing the ingredient list, we often see a familiar name, which is transglutaminase (TG enzyme).

Introduction of the TG Enzyme

As a common food additive, TG enzyme has been widely used in meat products, fish paste products, dairy products and other foods. By catalyzing the crosslinking between or within protein molecules, it can improve the gelation ability, gel strength, viscosity, thermal stability, and water retention capability of products. However, we often hear voices on the market saying, "Long-term consumption of TG enzyme is harmful to human health." Is this really the case?

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TG is a widely distributed acyltransferase in nature

TG enzyme can be found in humans, higher animals, plants, and microorganisms. As a natural green food additive, TG enzyme is derived from microbial fermentation and contains no toxic or harmful substances, which do not have any impact on human health by recommded instruction. As early as the 1990s, Japanese company AJINOMOTO Co. Inc. started producing and selling TG enzyme and applied for a patent. In 1998, TG enzyme was first certified by the US Food and Drug Administration as "generally recognized as safe", and it was certified multiple times in next three years. TG enzyme also meets the national standard for food and is approved for use as a stabilizer, coagulant, and processing aid in food.

It can be seen that TG enzyme can be used in the food production process, and consumers can rest assured. However, it is worth noting that many unscrupulous manufacturers use the feature of TG enzyme recombining minced meat, splicing many unidentified or unqualified meats together, and affixing labels such as "original cut" and "high quality." When choosing products, consumers should carefully read the ingredient list, choose products from well-known companies and brands as much as possible, and not be misled.

This is the introduction to the safety of TG enzyme. Presumably, everyone has a clear understanding. If you want to further understand the characteristics and application fields of TG enzyme, please follow Ace Ingredients Co., Ltd.!

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