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The Advantage of Transglutaminase Enzyme Used in Chiba Tofu

The Advantage of Transglutaminase Enzyme Used in Chiba Tofu


The characteristics of Chiba tofu are tender and smooth. This feature has become a key control point for determining the quality of Chiba tofu. Chiba tofu made from soybean isolate protein, starch, soybeans, oil and water has a soft texture without chewiness and crispness. Without processing with transglutaminase, Chiba tofu tates the same as eating tofu dregs. It looks rough when thawed and has insufficient gelatinity. Fry it in a pan and it becomes a mushy slag. So what is the role of the enzyme preparation TG Prolink B used in the Chiba tofu recipe in the production of Chiba tofu?

I. The production and processing technology of TG enzyme in Chiba tofu

Transglutaminase enzyme (hereinafter referred to as TG enzyme) is a new enzyme preparation for the production and bonding of meat, fatty beef bricks, and Chiba tofu, etc. The principle of TG enzyme is to improve the structural and functional properties of proteins by catalyzing covalent cross-linking within or between protein molecules.

Chiba tofu is a bionic vegetarian food. It is mainly made from soybean isolate protein and water, edible vegetable oil and starch as auxiliary materials, and vegetal fiber TG Prolink B as a protein coagulant. The soy protein product is produced by shredding and emulsifying, flavoring and refrigeration, reacting, cutting and other operations. During the production process of Chiba tofu, the addition of vegetal fiber transglutaminase enzyme to Chiba tofu binds the soybean isolate protein to achieve a tender taste and make it does not fall apart after cooking.  The application effect of veganl additives TG enzyme in Chiba tofu are shown below:

  • Increase the refreshing and crispyness of Chiba tofu.

  • optimize the appearance of Chiba tofu, looking like real tofu. more tender.

II. TG Prolink B Transglutaminase for Sale

  • Vegan additives are of higher elasticity, juiciness and better mouth-feel;

  • Produces a new type of vegetarian food with high protein and low fat;

  • Can highly improve the gel strength of the soy isolate protein;

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