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Effects of Different Sausage Emulsifiers on Sausage Quality

Effects of Different Sausage Emulsifiers on Sausage Quality


The emulsified sausage is prone to oil seepage and water seepage during the production and processing process, which seriously affects its shape and quality and reduces the production efficiency of the enterprise. The phenomenon of oil seepage and water seepage is related to the size of fat particles in raw meat, the ratio of salt-soluble protein to fat, and the interaction between protein and fat.

Effects of Different Sausage Emulsifiers on Sausage Quality

At present, the main ways to improve the stability of emulsified meat in production and processining are: controlling the temperature in chopping and mixing; reducing the fat-to-lean ratio of raw meat; adjusting the ratio of accessories such as protein, starch, and emulsifier. The emulsifier molecule has both hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, which can improve the surface tension between various constituent phases in the emulsion and form a uniform and stable dispersion system. Adding an appropriate proportion of emulsifier in the chopping process can make the fat and water form a stable emulsion, surrounding the fat, stop oil leakage.

I. Types of sausage emulsifiers

Using pork as raw material to make sausages, study the effects of sausage emulsifiers of glycerol monostearate, soybean lecithin and sucrose fatty acid esters on sausage quality that evaluated by sensory, shear force and water retention.

The experimental results showed that glycerol monostearate, soybean lecithin and sucrose fatty acid ester had certain influence on the sausage quality. The optimal ratio of these three emulsifiers is 0.1g/kg of glycerol monostearate, 1.5g/kg of soybean lecithin, and 0.5g/kg of sucrose fatty acid ester. In this ratio, the meat filling of sausages have good quality with glossy sections, palatable taste , with wonderful external shape, meanwhile the surface is dry and has natural wrinkles after shrinkage.

II. The effect of different sausage emulsifiers on sausage quality

1. The addition of glyceryl monostearate sausage emulsifier can not only prevent the aging and retrogradation of starch, but also emulsify and disperse oil. It can stabilize the complex system of fat and protein in the minced meat, improve the stability of the minced meat to mechanical load and thermal load, and reduce the phenomenon of oil and water in the product.

2. Soybean phospholipid sausage emulsifier has strong emulsifying, wetting and dispersing effects. The addition of it can make the fat raw material evenly mixed with the protein and other additives in the meat, improve the water holding capacity of the product and the tenderness of the meat, and improve the taste of the sausage.

3. The aqueous solution of sucrose fatty acid ester sausage emulsifier is viscous and wet, and has a special anti-aging effect on starch. It is used in sausage products both as an emulsifier and as a moisturizing film ingredient.

These three sausage emulsifiers are compounded into sausages, that optimize the stability and texture properties of the overall system of  sausages prodcuts by the interaction between different molecules.

Effects of Different Sausage Emulsifiers on Sausage Quality

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