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What Are the Common Food Additives in Sausage?

What Are the Common Food Additives in Sausage?


Sausage is a very ancient food with traditional meat preservation technology, which refers to the long cylindrical tubular food made by mincing animal meat into a paste and then filling it into a casing. Because of sausage's instant and convenience, it has also become a regular food for people to travel or store home. With the improvement of consumers' living standards and the saturation of marketing information, people are becoming more professional in the taste appreciation and recipe identification of sausages.

What Are the Common Food Additives in Sausage

In order to better serve our business partners and customers, ACE Ingredients hereby develops transglutaminase Prolink B Series for different sausages (such as frankfurters, hot dogs, parisers). The advantages of Prolink B applicated in sausage as below showed:

Advantages of Prolink B in sausage

  • Improves texture, better "bite" and "knack"

  • Improves water retention, more juicy products

  • Improves elasticity, better chewiness

  • Improves slice-ability and reduce slicing losses

  • Improves product quality and cost-effective

Prolink B Series products are enzymatic preparations based on transglutaminase enzyme (TG). Prolink B Series TG solutions can be widely applied to meat, noodles, bakery, and vegetarian products. Choose ACE Ingredient transglutaminase manufacturer, and choose better life.

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