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Dongsheng Biotech exhibited at 2023 FIC

Dongsheng Biotech exhibited at 2023 FIC


This year Our Factory --Dongsheng Biotech was present at the most important international trade fair in the ingredients sector. Food Ingredients China (FIC), taking place from March 15th till March 17th 2023, be held in Shanghai and all major players in the market attended. 


The three-day event attracted tens of global professional visitors to witness the latest trends in the development of the food additives and ingredients industry, with a variety of products shining in the spotlight. Dongsheng Biotech was presenting our famous Transglutaminase Solutions, Curdlan Applications and the latest technological innovations in 2023 FIC.

TG Solutions

Dongsheng Biotch, as the leading manufacturer of TG enzymes, we showcased TG enzyme applications directly to customers, allowing them to have a more intuitive understanding of their appearance, color, shape, and taste.


The production process for Wagyu beef cubes always been a challenge for customers. To solve this problem, Dongsheng Biotech offering one-stop solutions to their production problems.


Curdlan Applications

Dongsheng Biotech Curdlan highlighted its advantages in improving the gelling strength and frost resistance of its products. Dongsheng Biotech Curdlan received high praise from customers for its solutions for fish paste products and meatball products.  At the same time, its significant features in improving the product texture, enhancing water retention, and enhancing meat flavor when used in the production of seasoned meat slices.


TG Enzyme Planted-based Solutions

In the processing of planted products, by adding TG enzyme special preparations, the bonding of product can be achieved to improve the texture and taste. Effectively improve the loose structure of the planted fiber, make the structure more dense, thereby improving the elasticity and toughness of planted products. Further, effectively improve the chewiness and mouthfeel of the planted products, making it tastes closer to real meat.



Dongsheng Biotech showed innnovative Curdlan Heat Resistant Jelly Cube.  The curdlan cube  address the problem of traditional jelly products, being intolerant to high temperatures. 


See you next year. 

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