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Application of Gelatin in Processed Meat Products

Application of Gelatin in Processed Meat Products


Gelatin is a high polymer compound of high molecular polypeptide obtained by partial hydrolysis of collagen protein rich in animal skin, bone, cartilage, ligament, sarcolemma, etc. It can be used for both medicine and food industry accessories. The appearance of gelatin is white or light yellow, and it is a translucent, slightly glossy flake or powder with a special odor, similar to gravy. It is easily decomposed by bacteria when wet. Gelatin is insoluble in cold water, but after adding water, it slowly absorbs water, expands and softens, and the water absorption is 5-10 times its own weight. Gelatin can be quickly dissolved in hot water to form a viscous solution, which condenses into a solid state after cooling and becomes a gel. Gelatin is insoluble in ethanol, ether, chloroform and other organic solvents, but soluble in acetic acid and glycerol.

Application of Gelatin in Processed Meat Products

I. The nutritional effect of gelatin

As one of thickeners for food, gelatin's various nutritional indicators are higher than those of lean meat. It can replace part of lean meat, increase the nutrition of products and reduce production costs.

II. Emulsification of gelatin

The main protein component of thickeners for food is collagen. The hydrophilic group of its protein combines with water outward, and the hydrophobic group combines with oil inward, so that many protein molecules are oriented and arranged into a monolayer film, and the oil phase is decomposed into many small units, forming stable in the water phase. The hydrophilic colloid can achieve the purpose of emulsification.

III. Adhesion and water retention of gelatin

Collagen in gelatin has colloidal properties. It dissolves when heated to 70°C, and returns to a frozen state after cooling, thus ensuring that it plays an important role in the elasticity and water-holding capacity of meat products.

IV. Stabilization, thickening and gelation of gelatin

In the processing of meat products, gelatin is used as a jelly agent, such as canned ham, picnic food, strips and other meat jelly. Also, as a ham roulade, it is used to bind and absorb juices in products made from minced meat. Gelatin is added to low- and mid-range sausages, small intestines, egg rolls, luncheon meat and other canned products, and can also be used as a substrate for artificial meat. For example, 10% crude soybean defatted protein and 10% gelatin are used as emulsifiers to emulsify fat meat, and then replace part of lean meat to make emulsion, which not only ensures the nutrition of the product, but also solves the problem of poor product elasticity due to less lean meat.

Application of Gelatin in Processed Meat Products

ACE Gelatin E441 is rich in nutrition, delicious in taste and cheap in price, and has a wide application prospect in the processing of meat products. Especially when animal protein is not enough, in order to meet people's needs for edible animal protein, it is very necessary to make full use of gelatin as an edible protein resource.

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