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Effect of Transglutaminase Enzyme on Steak Bonding

Effect of Transglutaminase Enzyme on Steak Bonding


I. Why TG enzyme is more popular meat binders ? 

Meat binders can bond irregular pieces of meat produced during meat processing and then be divided into standard sizes and shapes as needed, thus improving the raw material utilization rate of meat processing plants and increasing economic benefits, as well as improving the standardization of meat blocks. Traditional meat binders can be divided into colloidal binders and chemical binders. For example, colloidal binders are mainly composed of sodium alginate, guar gum, etc., and all have a good bonding effect.

However, as most consumers become more aware of food safety, they are generally skeptical of binders of chemical nature, and as food additives, the amount added, long-term intake, and potential safety risks are all uncontrollable factors. Transglutaminase enzyme (TG enzyme), as a protein with high food safety, is gaining significant market share in the food additivies industry, Now we are getting to know this green meat binder that applicated on steak.

II. The mechanism of TG enzyme bonding meat

Transglutaminase enzyme (TG enzyme) for meat reorganization is an enzyme preparation for meat bonding, which is suitable for the restructured beef, pork, chicken and other ground meat, bone steak, fatty beef and fatty lamb and other frozen meat. Its mechanism of action is to catalyze the formation of an ε-(Υ-glutamyl) lysyl covalent bond between protein molecules, which is difficult to break under normal non-enzymatic catalytic conditions, enabling protein molecules to be more closely bonded together, and can make the meat proteins of the meat block itself naturally cross-linked. Once the minced meat is formed with TG enzyme, even after slicing, marinating, cooking and packaging processes, it will maintain strong bonding stability and will not fall apart, and will not affect the eating quality, flavor and color of the meat itself.

The development and application of transglutaminase enzyme (TG enzyme) brings a far-reaching revolution to the original enzyme modified protein. Normal enzyme modifiers usually use hydrolyzed enzymes to act on a certain peptide bond, and degrade the protein of macromolecules into small molecular peptides with a certain function, that is, it is limited to the hydrolysis of protein. The transglutaminase enzyme changes through molecular insertion, cross-linking reactions, and deductive effects to change the protein molecular structure. 

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